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    Aluflash 300 mm Embossed - Grey - 5m

    • Protect Aluflash Embossed - Grey 5m roll. Unlike Lead this environmentally friendly light weight alternative is easy to form without the need for specialist skills. The handy 300mm x 5m Embossed roll makes it ideal for pitched roof valleys, secret gutters, soakers for slates and double lap tiles and box gutters. Adhesive backed with a durable solvent lacquered upper surface which will not oxidise, stain or require patination oil. A versatile product that can be used in many applications not just as a  flashing material

      • Lightweight, easy to form and safe to handle.
      • Easy to install because of integral self-adhesive backing.
      • Minimum 30 year design life.
      • Non-toxic. No potential hazards for installer and no contamination of run-off water.
      • Environmentally friendly. Suitable for rain water harvesting systems.
      • 6% the weight of code 4 lead, providing health and safety benefits for installers.
      • Easy to form over a range of roof profiles without the need for specialist skills or tools.
      • Highly durable surface finish, which does not oxidise, stain or require patination oil.
      • BMTRADA certified.
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