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VS10 Slate Vent

  • The Glidevale VS10 is an economy Slate Vent suitable for use on new build and remedial installations. This vent can be used for standard ventilation in a roof allowing timber and your house to breath and reduce sweating. It can also be used for output such as extractor fans or above-ground soil pipes.


    • Designed to avoid any build-up debris inside the vent.
    • Prevents entry of birds and large insects.
    • Can be used at a high or low level.
    • Slate Grey cap blends with most man-made or natural slates.
    • Clearly marked for cutting to various slate sizes.
    • Suitable for Slate Roof Ventilation, Soil Pipe ventilation, or Mechanical extraction.
    • For new build or re-roofing applications.
    • Suitable for roof pitches between 20° and 60°
    • To suit 300 x 600mm double lap slates, man-made or natural
    • Colour - Blue/Black
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